September 3, 2021

Root canal procedure is a commendable dental treatment. Over the years, people have been able to save their teeth from falling or severe decay through a root canal procedure. Although, some people fear that the procedure might be a painful and scary one. However, it is not what you think. Many dental hospitals have been able to perform root canal treatments with a success rate of 90% over 100%. Are you thinking about where you can get root canal therapy from? Do not panic cause you can get your root canals in Watsonville without stress and anxiety. The dentist in Watsonville will give you the best root canal treatment to help restore your tooth. But before you consider root canal therapy, it is important to know what a root canal treatment is and how it works. You will learn more about root canal treatment in this article.
Root canal treatment or therapy is a dental procedure that involves the removal of dead, infected, and inflamed tissues that are inside the teeth by a dentist or an endodontist. During this treatment, thorough cleaning is carried out by extracting the infected nerves inside the teeth to avoid further dental damages.
The tooth is an important part of the body. If the tooth falls out, a person would lose his or her facial figure and also lose the ability to consume food properly. It can also cause other terrible dental and overall health issues. The teeth have an outer layer called “the enamel”. The enamel protects cavities from penetrating deep into the teeth. Aside from the enamel, there is also a part called “the dentin” that supports the enamel and keeps it firm. Also, “the cementum” performs its function by covering the layer of the tooth’s root (the inner part of the teeth). Lastly, “the dental pulp” connects the nerves inside the teeth. The dental pulp is responsible for the inner functions of the teeth and is located at the center of the tooth’ root. When there is a crack in the teeth that affects the enamel and penetrates the dentin, bacterial can into the tooth’ root and infect the nerves inside the tooth. This is why a root canal treatment is required to remove the infected nerves inside the teeth and seal the infected area by refilling it.
People who are anxious before getting a root canal treatment are usually discouraged because of fear. However, it might interest you to know that the dentist will numb the affected area before performing a root canal treatment. When the area has been numbed, the patient will hardly feel anything around the area. Even after the anesthetics wears off and you are feeling a little bit of pain or discomfort, your dentist can recommend pills that will help reduce the pain. Note that the recovery period for root canal therapy is 3 to 4 days. If you continue to feel discomfort around the affected area, you should visit an endodontist near you. However, a long recovery period is rare in root canal treatments except there are compilations.

Reasons Why You Need A Root Canal Therapy

There are various reasons why you might need root canal therapy. However, the best person who can make that decision is your dentist. The dentist is the person who is authorized to examine your teeth and assess the situation. The dentist will also confirm if the treatment you need is a root canal treatment and if you’re not the candidate for a root canal treatment, alternative dental treatments will be suggested.
You might need a root canal treatment if you have a terrible and persistent toothache that doesn’t go away even after you’ve taken medications. Also, if you have bad breath after a boil inside the mouth has ruptured, you should see a dentist. The boil might be caused by infected nerves inside the teeth. You might also experience swollen gums. If your teeth aren’t firm anymore and you feel like your teeth can fall off if you’re not extra careful, this might be a sign that the infected nerves have affected the part that makes the teeth stand firm. You should see an emergency dentist or dentist in 95076. Other signs are teeth discolorations, achy gums, and headaches caused by tooth pain.

Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

  • It prevents you from suffering from severe damages later.
  • A root canal treatment keeps your teeth intact. Although your teeth might not be as firm as before, it is one of the dental treatments that’s doesn’t require the removal of the entire teeth. After the root canal treatment, the dentist can apply a tooth cap to keep the tooth firm and strong.
  • It also saves you from spending so much money on emergency dental care or worsened dental cases that could have been prevented with a root canal therapy
  • It is a way of removing decay and cavities from the teeth.