Challenging to Determine When You May Need Help from Emergency Dentistry

Challenging to Determine When You May Need Help from Emergency Dentistry

June 1, 2021

Dental emergencies are confusing, just as they are stressful. Your spouse may report a lost filling of crown late in the evening, making you believe you must seek emergency dental care right away. While you aren’t mistaken in your assumption, a missing filling or crown is not a dental emergency and only needs urgent dental care, which you can avail from your regular dentist. Emergency dentistry is for people who confront issues like cracked or knocked-out teeth, dental abscesses, avulsed teeth, or severe toothaches.

If you confront a severe toothache at any time of the day or night and cannot get to your regular dentist seeking help from the emergency dentist near you is better than suffering in silence. The severe toothache could result from an untreated cavity or trapped food particles between your teeth. You can try removing food particles by using dental floss. However, if you don’t find relief, you must visit the emergency dentist to evaluate your condition and determine the best treatment.

When Do You Need Help from Emergency Dentistry?

Emergency dentistry isn’t just any problem with your teeth but refers to various procedures and issues. Many issues that you think are an emergency merely require urgent care from your regular dentist during official working hours. However, if you have a knocked-out tooth, it is a different matter altogether requiring assistance from emergency dentistry in Watsonville if the incident occurred in the evening or on holidays.

Time is of the essence for a knocked-out tooth to having it reinserted back into its socket. However, you must collect the tooth and its pieces, clean them in clear water, preserve them in moist condition, and get to the Watsonville emergency dentist within 30 minutes. Delay visiting the dentist, and you may have to consider tooth replacement solutions at exorbitant prices.

Sometimes an untreated cavity creates further damage in your tooth, infecting the dental pulp and causing a dental abscess eventually. A dental abscess is a life-threatening situation needing prompt attention from emergency dentistry without exceptions.

Bacteria from dental abscesses can spread into your bloodstream to cause various health complications you never believed were possible. When you meet the Watsonville dentist with a dental abscess, they are likely to drain the abscess immediately and provide antibiotics along with painkillers to alleviate the discomfort. Please do not believe the dental abscess will vanish by itself from the treatment you receive from emergency dentistry. The infection within your tooth continues to create more damage until you have it eliminated from your dentist by undergoing root canal therapy. It is why dental cavities or any other issues are best treated immediately by your dentist because they prevent the need for emergency dentistry visits.

How Challenging Is It to Find Emergency Dentists?

Finding emergency dentists may seem like a challenge when you are confronting a dental situation. In reality, emergency dentists are easier to find than most people believe. If you have dental insurance, you can check your insurance provider’s website for a list of in-network dentists you can approach during dental emergencies.

Many dentists have realized dental emergencies are challenging to identify, and most people don’t know the difference between bleeding from the gums from an injury or during brushing and flossing. The lack of knowledge among people has encouraged many dental professionals to set up emergency dentistry practices to attend to unexpected situations.

Dentists are generally willing to accommodate patients with dental emergencies even when approached without an appointment. However, not every dentist or dental specialist may adjust emergency dentistry visits because they lack the staff and are too busy managing their regular patients. In such situations, you receive a referral to the nearest emergency dentistry clinic to alleviate the dental pain the experience and possibly save your tooth.

Instead of concerning yourself about dental emergencies and their different varieties, wouldn’t you benefit by learning what dental emergencies are to manage any situation appropriately yourself? When you are in severe pain or a family member has a damaged tooth, or any other dental emergency must contact an emergency dental care provider as soon as possible to receive treatment. Learning about dental emergencies helps identify which issues need quick visits to emergency dentistry and which are classified as urgent care issues requiring treatment as soon as possible from your regular dentist. Overcome the challenge of determining dental emergencies to put yourself in a position of strength whenever you confront any dental issue.

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