Emergency Dentistry: Here’s What You Need to Know About It

Emergency Dentistry: Here’s What You Need to Know About It

October 1, 2020

It goes without saying that your regular dentist should be the first to know anytime you are faced with a dental condition or problem. However, this is not always the case; sometimes, you will experience a dental emergency when your dentist is unavailable.

Perhaps it is after working hours or during the holiday, whatever the case is, you do not have to worry. As confusing as this time may be, our emergency dentist near you in Watsonville, CA, is available to help you get through your dental emergency.

The truth is that dental emergencies are often unpredictable and have a tendency to occur when you least expect it. The best way to be prepared for these scenarios is to ensure that you have the contacts to our emergency dental clinic in Watsonville.

Having the contact of a reliable emergency dental clinic near you provides you and your family with a sound alternative to accessing emergency dental care, in case your dentist is unavailable during your emergency.

If you are having difficulties narrowing down on a reliable emergency dental clinic near you, you should ask your regular dentist to recommend an alternative dental clinic in Watsonville that can provide you with good dental care if they are unavailable during an emergency.

What Dental Conditions Are Handled As Emergencies?

Apart from knowing where to go to for medical assistance during a dental emergency, you should also know the dental conditions handled under emergency dentistry.

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This will save you from panicking unnecessarily when faced with a dental issue and will help you respond better if you are indeed faced with a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are time-sensitive in nature. The more time you take to get medical assistance, the greater your risk of experiencing permanent damages such as tissue damage or tooth loss.

Here are some of the indications which point out emergency dental conditions:

  • A severe and persistent toothache
  • Protrusions, swellings, bulges, or knots on the gums
  • Having a broken or fractured tooth, which is causing you any pain or discomfort
  • Persistent bleeding within or around your oral cavity
  • A knocked-out tooth
  • Having any loose permanent teeth
  • An abscessed tooth, usually indicated by a severe toothache, sensitivity, foul breath, swollen gum, facial inflammation, and a fever.
  • Any jaw pain which is accompanied by facial inflammation
  • trauma to your face or jaw, for instance, during a sporting activity

Any of the above dental conditions will require immediate medical attention at our emergency dental clinic near you. If you experience any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to get in touch with our emergency dental clinic in Watsonville.

Common Dental Emergencies

Emergency dentistry deals with dental conditions that require prompt medical attention. The primary aim of this is to ensure that you do not undergo prolonged pain and discomfort and alleviate the risk of permanent damage.

Here are some of the common dental emergencies handled in our emergency dentistry:

  • Knocked-out Tooth

This dental emergency calls for immediate medical attention. This is because it is a time-sensitive dental emergency. The viability of the affected tooth steadily depreciates within thirty minutes of the incident. This means that the longer you take to get it addressed, the higher the chances are that your tooth will lose its viability, and reattachment will be impossible.

When this happens, you should pick up the affected tooth by the crown and avoid touching or interfering with the root if possible. Rinse out the tooth carefully and try placing it back into its socket.

If it cannot stay in place within the socket, carry the tooth to our emergency dental clinic in a container of milk to keep it moist as you come in for medical assistance.

  • Abscessed Tooth

This is a life-threatening infection that occurs when a pocket of pus forms within your tooth’s root section. This infection requires immediate medical attention to prevent it from spreading to the surrounding tissues.

An abscessed tooth is usually indicated by a persistent toothache, fever, swollen gum, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and facial inflammation.

It would help if you rinsed your mouth with some saltwater to alleviate the pain and draw up the pus. Take some pain killers, and make your way to our facility for medical assistance.

  • Lacerations, Cuts, and Tears

Facial trauma can sometimes result in cuts and lacerations within or around your oral cavity. If left unchecked, these cuts can cause excessive blood loss.

If you are experiencing any uncontrolled bleeding due to a cut or tear on your tongue, cheeks, or lips, you should rinse your mouth gently with some warm water, try and stop the bleeding using a clean piece of gauze, and rush to our clinic for medical attention.

If you are facing a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact our dental clinic. At Watsonville Family Dental, we are always available to see you through your dental emergency.

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