Dental Sealants in Watsonville, CA

Dental Sealants in Watsonville, CA

Are you worried about tooth decay, pain, and discomfort? Dental sealants are extremely thin, plastic coatings that we apply to rear teeth for added protection against cavities. The objective of applying dental sealants is to seal off the chewing surface of the tooth from food particles and bacteria.

The dentists in Watsonville, CA, paint the dental sealant directly onto teeth. While we can also provide dental sealants for adults, children and teenagers are generally at higher risk of tooth decay. You can get dental sealants applied from a reliable dentist near you.

Risk Factors for Tooth Decay

The risk of tooth decay is higher for baby teeth as the tooth enamel is softer than adult teeth. It’s very important to protect baby teeth from cavities as milk teeth help children eat and speak. They also help guide permanent teeth into their proper position. It’s crucial to take care of baby teeth from the start.

Causes of Tooth Decay in Childhood

While all teeth are at risk, the most commonly affected teeth are usually the upper four front teeth.

Some common signs of tooth decay in children include:

  • The first sign of tooth decay appears as a dull, whitish band close to the gum line. This may be difficult to detect, and parents often miss the signs. Regular dental checkups can highlight potential risks for cavities.
  • The initial white band changes to a yellowish, brownish, or blackish one, indicating worsening decay.
  • Eventually, the teeth appear like brownish stumps. If you notice this, your child is probably suffering from advanced decay.

When tooth decay is detected early, it’s possible to reverse the signs. Applying dental sealants is also an effective preventive treatment against risks of cavities. Unfortunately, since early tooth decay is difficult to detect, it’s much better to opt for preventive options.

Our dental team at Watsonville Family Dental offers reliable dental sealants in Watsonville, CA. Applying dental sealant may prevent the need for major dental treatment at a later stage.