Exams and Cleanings in Watsonville, CA

Exams and Cleanings in Watsonville, CA

Our goal at Watsonville Family Dental is to provide the best possible dental care to our Watsonville, CA patients. We want you and your loved ones to maintain good oral health for life. To make this happen, we offer high-quality cleanings and exams. Regular dental visits are essential if you want to keep your natural smile.

Importance of Professional Cleanings and Exams

For most patients, we recommend twice-yearly routine appointments. Getting cleanings and exams about every six months is the standard schedule. However, some people need more frequent check-ups. Your Watsonville, CA dentist will work with you to create the best treatment plan for you. Call Watsonville Family Dental today to book your next appointment.

It is vital to keep up with your prescribed schedule. You may think that diligent daily brushing and flossing are enough; that is not true. While good oral hygiene does start at home, there is no way to remove altogether all traces of tartar, plaque, and leftover food particles. Only a trained hygienist or dentist can get all tooth surfaces completely clean. Therefore, regular dental check-ups and teeth cleanings are non-negotiable.

Even more, your dentist can look for budding issues and treat problems early at regularly scheduled visits. As a result, you may avoid pain and unnecessary expense. Mouth diseases don’t always present symptoms until the advanced stages. In the late stages, oral health problems are costlier and harder to treat.

Teeth Cleaning in Watsonville, CA

A dental hygienist usually performs teeth cleanings with special tools. All traces of tartar and plaque are removed from every tooth surface. Once your mouth is squeaky clean, your teeth will be flossed thoroughly and polished. In the end, you are left with a shiny, bright smile, free of any harmful debris.

Dental Examination Near You

After your cleaning, a dentist will perform your exam. During this visit, your teeth and gums will be checked for signs of decay, damage, or disease. X-rays may be taken at this time. Typically, we like to grab new images every year. Once your cleaning and exam are complete, your dentist will discuss any problems and your mouth condition overall.

If you are due for a biannual dental visit, we hope to see you soon. Schedule your cleaning and exam now.