Extraction in Watsonville, CA

Extraction in Watsonville, CA

Has your dentist suggested a tooth extraction? If so, you may be slightly apprehensive about what to expect during the procedure.

Knowing more about tooth extractions helps you feel more prepared for the procedure. Our dentist in Watsonville, CA, provides painless and safe dental extractions near you.

Why Extraction Is Sometimes Necessary

We work hard to preserve natural teeth so that patients can enjoy a lifetime of good oral health. But, at times, this is not possible, and we may need to pull the tooth due to causes like trauma, injury, infections, or severe decay.

Tooth extraction may be the most desirable option if the tooth has been damaged beyond repair or restoration. Additionally, we may need to extract any impacted teeth (teeth that have not erupted fully), as they can cause problems and infection in the gums.

Similarly, impacted or infected wisdom teeth may need to be extracted to prevent the spread of infection. If you are suffering from discomfort or toothache, please contact our dentist near you for a consultation.

Modern Tooth Extraction at Watsonville Family Dental

Thanks to modern dental technology and sedation techniques, we can keep patients comfortable during the procedure. We offer several sedation options to keep you conscious but relaxed through the extraction.

Once the sedation takes effect, the oral cavity area will be desensitized. You will not experience pain at any time but may experience some pressure as the dentist gently removes the tooth.

For teeth located below the gum line, we may make a small incision in the gums and first remove any bone blocking the tooth. The dentist may then break the tooth into pieces for easier removal. After extraction, we will provide you with a gauze-pad to bite down on to protect the nerves from damage.

If you need help with any dental issues, please feel free to call us for suitable treatment options and painless dental extractions in Watsonville, CA.

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