Teeth Whitening in Watsonville, CA

Teeth Whitening in Watsonville, CA

Dental whitening brightens the appearance of natural teeth. However, bleaching treatment is not a good option for every patient who visits Watsonville Family Dental. Before whitening your teeth, first book a whitening consultation with your Watsonville, CA dentist.

Call us today, especially if you have:

  • Sensitive, stained or discolored teeth
  • Tooth decay or white spots on the enamel
  • A gum infection
  • Dental work mainly on the front teeth

You may enjoy your newly whitened smile for about four to 12 months. Your treatment’s lifespan depends on the products/procedure used, and if you continue to consume food and beverages that cause stains.

Types of Teeth Whiteners in Watsonville, CA

If you are a candidate for a whitening treatment, you have several options. There are many kits available over-the-counter. But if you want the fastest, safest, and most reliable choice, you can get dentist-supervised professional teeth whitening.

OTC Dental Whitening Kits

Patients who prefer to brighten their smiles on their own should always choose ADA-approved OTC whitening products. It is also essential to follow the directions as noted on the package. Allow 7 to 30 days of daily use to achieve the desired effect. Results vary by individual.

Professional Treatment Options

For optimal results, go with dentist-supervised whitening instead of store-bought kits. At Watsonville Family Dental, you have the choice of two types of teeth bleaching treatment:

  • Whiten your smile 5 to 10 shades with an in-office treatment
  • We also offer take-home whitening kits that contain a professional-grade bleaching agent. As a result, these dentist-dispensed and supervised kits are more effective than store-bought products.

In-Office Whitening at Watsonville Family Dental

After a comprehensive mouth exam, your dentist in Watsonville, CA, will determine if professional whitening is safe for your smile. Once approved, dentist-supervised in-office teeth whitening is worth considering. If this is the treatment you opt for; your dentist will:

  • Cover your gums and lips with a shield to protect against exposure to the bleaching agent. So, only your teeth will be treated.
  • Apply a high-grade whitening gel to each tooth.
  • Use a special curing light to activate the bleaching gel.
  • Provide music or TV while you relax for 15 minutes, allowing the gel to penetrate.
  • Repeat this process two more times.